Osteopathy is a philosophy, science and art in one. It combines the fields of biology, chemistry, anatomy, physics – in the health care and prevention, treatment and relief of disease. It appreciates the importance of even the smallest movement in all tissues and cells of the body. Where there is life there is movement. When body movement is in balance, the health exists. However, when movement is disturbed, health is disturbed and disease can develop. It can be assumed that osteopathy is a kind of philosophy of perception of health and disease as a disorder of mechanisms that maintain homeostasis in the body. The state of balance concerns the physiological, biomechanical and emotional spheres. Manual operation, which is the essence of diagnosis and treatment in this system, is often, due to its subtlety, raised to the rank of art that allows the body to start the process of self-regulation and changes in the existing compensations.

Duration:  60 minutes | Price: CHF 150.–


Since 01/10/2020 we have also been recognized by Zusatzversicherung.



We are in the process of recognitioning our diplomas in osteopathy.