Low back pain (LBP)

Lumbar spine pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a physiotherapeutic / osteopathic office. Every second person complains about soreness in the lower part of the back. Regardless of age, both elderly and young people suffer from it. The main symptom is pain of a local or radiating nature, morning stiffness, limited mobility, the feeling of a high tension in the lumbar region.

What could be the cause of this widespread phenomenon?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. There may be numerous reasons for it: lack of physical activity or significant overtraining, incorrect work ergonomics, many hours spent in a seemingly comfortable sitting position, degenerative changes due to overload, mechanical injuries, disc degeneration, posture defects, and even eating disorders may have a large and significant impact on the lumbar spine. Luckily, physiotherapy and osteopathy come to the rescue, using various methods and techniques on daily basis, to help with this haunting / tiring / tormenting disorder.

 If you suffer from similar symptoms, please contact Physio & Osteo Therpaie Praxis.

Innovative physiotherapeutic method – PINOTHERAPY

In today’s difficult times, controlled by the coronavirus, in times of closure and difficult interpersonal contact, constant stress and worries about our job, family and health, we begin to develop a sense of constant anxiety, which, combined with other factors (such as diet, stimulants, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity) are harmful for our body, which attempts to deal with failures, disappointments and difficulties. Chronic stress can lead to mental exhaustion, accumulation of tensions in the body, lack of positive thinking or impaired concentration, making it difficult to return to normalcy. Nowadays, there are many therapeutic options to alleviate the effects of stress. An attitude of constant readiness to fight or flee is a normal sympathetic response to difficulties and setbacks, but should not be over-extended. By putting emphasis on osteopathic, psychological and physiotherapeutic work, we can change the current attitude and well-being.

An innovative physiotherapeutic method – PINOTHERAPY comes to the rescue. This therapy involves the work of removing the “tensions” of the peripheral and central nervous system, in order to initiate the physiological processes of self-repair and relaxation in the body.

If you experience constant stress and the associated tension, this therapy is just for you. In May, PINOTERAPIA will be available in the offer of Physio & Osteo Therapie Praxis. Come and try for yourself!

Spinal manipulation HVT

Spinal manipulation are practiced all over the world by chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapist and doctors. They are based on the theory of strict conjunction between structure and function. Spinal manipulation are techniques, that help to reduce the pain within lumbar-pelvic complex, chest, neck and other musculoskeletal or visceral disorders, by using adequate force against vertebral joints. The aim of this action is to restore the correct position of the vertebrae, to initiate the natural healing process and thus, to reduce the pain. The HVT technique is based on the application of rapid, short-distanced, targeted force, resulting in the reduction of constraints, improvement of mobility and flexibility. The treatment results in a temporary separation of the articular surfaces of the spine. It is often accompanied by a characteristic „cracking”. 

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